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If you create and distribute great products, you probably have great product literature as well: manuals, quick guides and spec sheets that you make available as downloadable PDFs.

And that could be a problem.

76 %

of all users consult product manuals on their smartphones – which is not a great environment for page-sized, static PDFs.

Don’t lock in your product literature; don’t lock out your users.

Don’t lock out your users

We offer brands a smarter alternative: a publishing workflow for creating web manuals, quick guides, FAQs, spec sheets and other documents that easily adapt to all screen sizes – and of course, you, your business partners and your end users can still print on request.

Why PDFs don’t cut it

In PDFs, your great content is locked in at least two dimensions:

Things get even worse when you consider other “dimensions”, such as users’ cognitive, physical, or sensory impairments. It’s very difficult to extract content from PDFs to make it more accessible.

HTML content, on the other hand, is easy to translate (by human translators, high-quality machine translation or hybrid solutions). And because HTML is the lingua franca of the web, there are many technologies that will make web content accessible to users with disabilities. Put simply:

We can help you liberate your product literature, so it can be read by everyone, on all kinds of devices, in as many languages as you want. And that’s a kind of freedom that makes sense.

For more information about our technology, single source publishing, translation options and other topics, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. And for a full list of features supported by our single source publishing workflow LOOPS (the Lightweight Object-Oriented Publishing System), see our Features page.

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